No matter your interests and hobbies, there is always that desire to incorporate these into your lifestyle. As an enthusiast of the sport, including decors and wall art related to golf are now made easier with the wide selection of decors and wall art available.

There are many ways to incorporate the golfing lifestyle in your home. The colors and elements used in the sports are two of the most effective ways to accomplish that. Golf is characterized by a lot of green hues, some metal, leather, and plaid and patterns. With this foundation design in mind, here are some more ideas to take inspiration from:

Patterned wallpaper

Installing a gold theme-patterned wallpaper is a surefire step to bringing your favorite sport inside the home. Go the extra step at recreating that golf vibe by using a plaid wallpaper. A plaid design is in keeping with the golf theme as the sport was born in Scotland. You can decide whether to cover an entire wall of the room with wallpaper or do an accent wall. 

Golf-themed wall murals 


While wallpapers are a great option, a wall canvas is a common décor inside every golfer’s home. Golf buffs love to envision their favorite golf courses even at home. These large canvases are readily accessible, and there is an option to customize too. You can easily take pictures of your favorite go-to golf course, have it blown up, and printed on a canvas, and you’ll never miss golfing again.   

Framed wall art

When it comes to the easiest and most flexible way to turn your home into a golf haven, wall art is a must. Wall art prints and posters with a golf theme are readily available, there is no way you can commit a blunder when using this design idea. Wall art comes in a variety of sizes and can either be rendered in colored or monochrome finish. 

Art prints and posters can be displayed in several ways. To keep to the golf theme, a framed wall art comes highly recommended. A metal frame, which is one of the elements identified with golfing, should be used to hang the posters. Pewter golf frames are even better than using a plain metal frame. Group together posters or hang them in panels for more impact. 


The quality of the wall art posters is vital as it can influence the whole aesthetics of the room. Make sure to buy wall art prints and posters in trusted suppliers and shops like to ensure that you get the right value of your purchase.

Golfer wall clock


It’s tee time! A golfer wall clock is an awesome wall décor that fits with your favorite sports theme. A golfer wall clock comes in a wide selection of designs and materials used. Regardless if you’re into vintage design, contemporary, abstract, or minimalist interior design, there is something available for your preference. Golf ball wall clocks, golf course wall clocks, and personalized golfer’s wall clocks are just as easy to find as well.

Hobbies and interests eventually become part of your lifestyle. Designing your home to reflect your love for golf is easy and fun with the inspirations listed above. It not only brings the fun of golfing into your abode, but it’s also a reflection of your personal styling and aesthetics!

How to Decorate with Golf-Themed Décor and Wall Art from Artfrill